Appmixer is a workflow engine together with a web user interface that allows end-users to create business processes in an easy-to-use drag&drop UI without writing a single line of code.

For companies that seek to embed the Appmixer workflow technology into their own products (OEM), it is important to know that thanks to its modular architecture, customizations are possible both on the process level but also in the UI layer.

The Appmixer workflow engine provides features that are critical to workflow applications:

  • Error handling. Errors are handled gracefully, logged and actions repeated when possible.

  • Message passing. Data messages are delivered once and only once between connected components in a workflow.

  • Custom components. Components in a workflow are seen as black-boxes by the engine and their behaviour can be completely customized (they can call either external APIs, internal APIs, do some processing or scheduling).

  • Quotas and Limits. Appmixer engine can throttle the processing of components to make sure API usage limits are respected.

  • Authentication. Appmixer supports industry standards for authentication out-of-the box (API keys, OAuth 1, OAuth 2). All tokens are automatically refreshed when necessary.

  • Monitoring. All transactions and data passing through Appmixer are logged. Get real-time insight to all activities.

The Appmixer system can be installed on a number of different systems such as private clouds (OpenShift), cloud computing platforms (AWS) or plain Linux machines.

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