Developer mode

Developer mode enables tools that are useful to create and debug your flows

Enabling developer mode

Developer mode is disabled by default on the SDK instance. There are two ways to enabling/disabling developer mode. Through the SDK constructor:

// Create new instance with developer mode enabled
var appmixer = new Appmixer({
    devMode: true

Or using the SDK instance set method:

// Enable developer mode at runtime
appmixer.set('devMode', true)

Using the setter allows you to enable/disable developer mode dynamically.

Developer mode tools

Currently developer mode expose a show/hide logs button on the Designer UI:

This log panel allows you to inspect the messages of your running flow in real time, without needing to navigate away from the Designer UI. This is very useful when you are creating your flow and you want to make sure everything is working as expected. Moreover, you can get details from each message by clicking on it:

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