The definition of the output ports of the component. It's an array of objects.

Components can have zero or more output ports. Each output port has a name and optionally an array options that defines the structure of the message that this output port emits. Without the options object, the user won't be able to see the possible variables they can use in the other connected components. For example, a component connected to the weather output port of our GetCurrentWeather component, can see the following variables in the variables picker:

An example of outPorts definition can look like this:

    "outPorts": [
            "name": "weather",
            "options": [
                { "label": "Temperature", "value": "main.temp" },
                { "label": "Pressure", "value": "main.pressure" },
                { "label": "Humidity", "value": "main.humidity" },
                { "label": "Sunrise time (unix, UTC)", "value": "sys.sunrise" },
                { "label": "Sunset time (unix, UTC)", "value": "sys.sunset" },
                { "label": "City name", "value": "name" },
                { "label": "Weather description", "value": "weather[0].description" },
                { "label": "Weather icon code", "value": "weather[0].icon" },
                { "label": "Weather icon URL", "value": "weather[0].iconUrl" }


Set the maximum number of outgoing links that can exist from the output port. Maximum number of connections is infinite by default but in some applications, it might be desirable to set a limit on this, usually 1. The Appmixer Designer UI will not allow the user to connect more than maxConnections links from the output port.

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