The appmixer.ui.PeopleTasks is a UI widget that displays people task dashboard for the user. Please see the People Tasks tutorial for more details.




Constructor function that accepts config object. The config object must contain at least the el property that points to a container DOM element where the PeopleTasks widget will be rendered.

set(property, value)

Set a property of the people tasks. Currently only secret and role is supported. Setting the secret allows you to open the people task dashboard of any user for which you have the secret (not just the currently signed-in user. This secret comes from either the approverSecret or requesterSecret property of the object returned when you create a new task. Setting role to either "approver" or "requester" allows you to change the default view of the people task dashboard. In other words, if a user is both an approver and a requester, they have different lists of tasks for both roles.


Refresh the PeopleTasks. This can be called when tasks have been modified through API, to make sure changes are reflected in the UI.

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