Migration from 4.0

Setting Access Token in SDK

This is not new in 4.1 but was not mentioned in 4.0 release notes. This is the new way how to set token in SDK. The old way won't work anymore.

appmixer.api.authenticateUser(USERNAME, PASSWORD).then((auth) => {
    appmixer.set('accessToken', auth.token);
    // previous way was:
    // appmixer.set('accessToken', { token: auth.token, userId: auth.user.id });

Custom Modifiers

If you use your own set of modifiers (https://docs.appmixer.com/appmixer/tutorials/customizing-modifiers), then you need to save them before your use the new 4.1 version. Otherwise your customised set will be replaced by Appmixer's default set of modifier functions.

There are new commands in Appmixer CLI that will help you with that. You need an admin account to do that.

$ # This will download your modifiers and save them into a file
$ appmixer modifiers get -o modifiers.json
$ # Start Appmixer 4.1
$ # And then publish old modifiers from a file
$ appmixer modifiers publish modifiers.json

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