Appmixer is an embedded iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) platform designed for SaaS vendors. It enables them to launch native integrations and no-code automations within their products. Appmixer significantly accelerates the time required to deliver integrations to customers.

There are three main use cases for Appmixer.

Embedded iPaaS

Instantly deliver an integration marketplace within your SaaS product using Appmixer Studio and its no-code drag-and-drop designer. Pre-build integrations that enable your end-users to connect your product with other third-party apps and APIs. This feature allows for seamless integration and enhances user experience by facilitating easy connections with external applications.

Embedded Workflow Automation

Enhance your product with embedded workflow automation that offers no-code capabilities. This feature empowers your end-users to visually automate their workflows, customize your product, and connect to any third-party application, facilitating a more versatile and user-friendly experience.

Internal Process Automation (iPaaS)

Leverage the Appmixer no-code automation designer to streamline processes within your company, all while eliminating the need to write any code.

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