Register OAuth app

You can find all the necessary information on how to register an OAuth app in Jira in their official guide.

Access Attlassian Developer Console and create a new app. Click Create and select OAuth 2.0 integration.

Click on the "Register an app" button.

Specify scopes

You need to specify the scopes that your app will use. For Jira, you will need to select the following scopes:

  • read:me

  • read:jira-work

  • write:jira-work

  • manage:jira-project

  • manage:jira-configuration

  • read:jira-user

  • report:personal-data

This is how the permissions should look like:

Specify Callback URL


After you have created the app, you will see the overview of the app. Here you can find the client ID and client secret.

Set clientId, clientSecret into Appmixer Backoffice.

The last step is to configure clientId and clientSecret in the Appmixer Backoffice for appmixer:jira connector.

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