Register Oauth2 applications

Follow the next link:

OneDrive file picker

You need to register one more URL in order to use the OneDrive Javascript file picker:

And select both of these options:

And save the changes:

The next step is creating clientId and clientSecret:

Unfortunately, the secret has an expiration, you're going to have to create a new one in 2 years:

Use the furthest date possible:

You will get a new secret, copy the Value into the clipboard:

This is the clientSecret, the Microsoft Secret ID is the Appmixer clientId. These secrets need to be added into the Backoffice:

And add new keys:

The clientId is the _Application (client) ID f_rom the main page:

Then go to the API permissions section:

Choose Microsoft Graph:

Delegated permissions:

Type-in Files:

And select these two:

Then type-in offline and select this permission:

The final set of permissions:

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