Public Files

Sometimes files need to be hosted and make publicly available through the Appmixer engine. One use case for this is Google Domain Verification. The Appmixer Backoffice provides a simple way of doing this.

Open the Backoffice and click the Public Files item in the left menu.

You will see a table listing the files currently upload and being served by the engine. You can remove any file by clicking the remove icon in front of them. To add a new file, click the Upload File button on the top left. This will open a dialog like this:

You can drag and drop the file, or click in the upload zone to select a file from your system. If you try to upload a file with the same name as another one that is already uploaded, you will receive a warning that proceeding will overwrite the existing file.

To access the file, just append the filename to your Appmixer API URL. For example, let's say the Appmixer URL is and you uploaded a file called test.txt. In this case, the URL would be

There is a PUBLIC_FILES_PREFIX configuration option which allows you to access the file from different locations (by default it will be available at as well).

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