Using Oauth applications

Appmixer comes with a set of prepared components (applications). Some of them use OAuth 1 (Twitter) authentication mechanism and some of them (Slack, Google) use OAuth 2 authentication mechanism.
If you try to use the Slack component right after fresh Appmixer installation you will get an error Missing client ID.
In the case of the OAuth 1 application, the error will be Missing consumer key. As described here the OAuth applications need these secrets. The reason we do not provide these secrets with Appmixer is simple. Part of the OAuth application registered in the third party service is the redirect URL which points to your server URL where the Appmixer backend API is running.
Therefore you need to create these OAuth applications on your own. At the end of the process, you will always get a client ID and client Secret (OAuth 2).
Before installing an OAuth application, please visit the APP registration section. It contains specific settings for each application.
The OAuth variables can be set through the Backoffice.