Appmixer SDK package includes two types of modules: basic UMD and advanced ESM.

Basic Usage

Load appmixer.js UMD module in your HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

<script type="module">
const appmixer = new Appmixer({ baseUrl: '' })
appmixer.api.authenticateUser(username, password).then(auth => {
    appmixer.set('accessToken', auth.token);
    const integrations = new appmixer.ui.Integrations({ el: '#integrations' });;

See the following repositories for more comprehensive demos on how Appmixer can be embedded in your apps,

If you're using a Self-Managed Appmixer package, you should link your own Appmixer JavaScript SDK from your own Appmixer Studio URL (i.e. instead of, you will reference your own Studio URL). Alternatively, you can download the appmixer.js file and link to it from whatever location you will put it in.

Advanced Usage

Download ES module and include the files in your project:

import { Appmixer } from './'
import './appmixer.css'

const appmixer = new Appmixer(/* ... */)

Choose Appmixer UI widgets to include:

import { Designer, FlowManager } from './'

appmixer.ui('Designer', Designer)
appmixer.ui('FlowManager', FlowManager)

const designer = appmixer.ui.Designer(/* ... */)
const flowManager = appmixer.ui.FlowManager(/* ... */)

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