Appmixer SDK package includes two types of modules: basic UMD and advanced ESM.

Basic Usage

Load appmixer.js UMD module in your HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

<script type="module">
const appmixer = new Appmixer(/* ... */)

Advanced Usage

Download ES module and include the files in your project:

import { Appmixer } from './'
import './appmixer.css'

const appmixer = new Appmixer(/* ... */)

Choose Appmixer UI widgets to include:

import { Designer, FlowManager } from './'

appmixer.ui('Designer', Designer)
appmixer.ui('FlowManager', FlowManager)

const designer = appmixer.ui.Designer(/* ... */)
const flowManager = appmixer.ui.FlowManager(/* ... */)

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