Appmixer Deployment Models

Appmixer supports all cloud deployment models:

  • Public cloud

  • Private cloud

  • VPC

  • Hybrid cloud

All 3rd party managed services and integrations are optional and customizable. For example, you can choose for which of the supporting technologies you prefer to use a 3rd party managed alternative. You can also choose what integrations you would like to offer to your end/internal-users and configure your own notifications (e.g. email) via customizable webhooks.

Appmixer Supporting Technologies

Appmixer uses multiple supporting technologies to function: MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis and ElasticSearch. All the supporting technologies are open-source.

Managed Services

Supporting technologies can be either installed and managed on an “as-is” basis or 3rd party managed (e.g. CloudAMQP’s RabbitMQ as a Service can be used).

For help with deploying Appmixer with full compatibility with AWS managed services for all the supporting technologies (Amazon MQ, ElasticCache, DocumentDB, OpenSearch), please contact our customer support (

Appmixer Kubernetes Deployment

Appmixer self-managed package includes Docker and Kubernetes configuration files for easy deployment.

Appmixer engine (together with Appmixer Backoffice and Appmixer Studio) images are available via Appmixer Docker Registry.

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