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Custom API

Appmixer SDK allows you to override any API method used by the SDK instance.

Setting a custom API option

Custom API is represented as an object composed of asynchronous methods that you set on your Appmixer SDK instance using the api option:
var myCustomApi = {
/* the key must match an existing API method */
myCustomApiMethod(/* arguments of the original method */) {
return new Promise((resolve) => {
/* Use a custom API on the entire SDK instance */
var appmixer = new Appmixer({ api: myCustomApi });
/* Use a custom API on a particular SDK UI widget */
var designer = new appmixer.ui.Designer({ api: myCustomApi });
The list of API methods can be found here.
An example how to redefine the flow update request.
/* Create "Designer". */
var designer = appmixer.ui.Designer({
el: '#your-designer',
options: designerOptions(),
api: {
// extending the updateFlow request
updateFlow(flowId, update) {
// at this place you can call your own API every time the flow
// gets updated
// carefully catch errors, timeouts ... so calling your
// external API does not affect the Designer behaviour
console.log('Calling your own API.');
// in order to update the flow in Appmixer, call the Flow API
return this._request({
url: `${this.get('baseUrl')}/flows/${flowId}`,
method: 'PUT',
data: update